Twin Wire Arc Spray

Arc Spray Process

Of all the thermal spray processes Arc Spraying has the highest deposition rate. A DC electric arc is struck between two wires at the front of the arc spray torch. Compressed air atomizes the molten spray material into fine droplets and propels them towards the prepared surface to be rebuilt. The resulting build-up creates a mechanical bond. There is a wide range of alloys available for arc spraying.

Bond Strength

Denser and stronger than equivalent combustion spray coatings.

  • Complete wire melting
  • High particle velocity
  • Low residual stresses


Coating Finish

  • Faster machining times
  • Less rework
  • Produce excellent ground finishes

Cost Effective

Arc Spray is a cost effective method for reclaiming components:

  • Large areas are easily coated
  • High deposition rate
  • Low operating cost
  • Fast machining time
  • No rework – repeatable coatings
Twin Wire Arc Spray

Front Strut


Twin Wire Arc Spray

Setup 8m Lathe


Twin Wire Arc Spray

Engine Block


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