Condition Monitoring

The intent of any CM program is to predict impending issues and develop strategies to remedy the defect, detect or at least extend equipment life until a planned stop.

DCL Engineering can assist you with developing, growing or reinvigorating your CM program. We can help you develop a CM strategy for your common machine type or you most complex equipment or process.

We have experience in CM using a variety of technologies including vibration monitoring, oil analysis, and thermography.

Our AIMS group can also execute your CM program on your behalf or train and develop your own people to collect and analyse data themselves.

We have over 30 years’ of practical experience in implementing and sustaining CM programs in large industrial facilities and have hands-on experience with several of the world’s leading vibration monitoring systems. We are equipped and ready to support your existing hardware and software, alternatively we have our own vibration analysers, and thermo cameras and have a relationship with a significant oil analysis laboratory.

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