Asset Integrity & Maintenance Support

DCL Engineering Group’s Asset Integrity and Maintenance Support division provides several technology-based services to improve your Maintenance practices and decision support. These services include: Condition Monitoring, Laser Alignment, and CMM/laser Tracker inspection services to its customers. We have extensive CM experience with a wide variety of equipment.

Services Available

Condition Monitoring Services offered to our customers are:

  • Routine vibration measurement, analysis, and reporting services on basic and complex machines
  • Execution of predictive vibration, oil & electrical monitoring
  • Machine and structure fault diagnosis (trouble shooting of problem equipment & processes)
  • Condition monitoring training to suit plant requirements (development & delivering of tailored CM training)
  • Lubricant sampling and reporting on gearboxes, journal bearings and other grease or oil lubricated components)
  • Motor current signature analysis (using the current signal to detect common motor faults)
  • On-line monitoring and machinery protection system design and support (selection, design and technical advice for surveillance and protection systems)
  • Condition monitoring database and program set up and support (development of CM plans and construction of supporting database)
  • The AIMS Group can design an optimised CM program for your plant. They can train your people to perform the CM activities or execute the program on your behalf.
  • The Group have all the tools to develop, run and support your maintenance activities with the aim of improving equipment reliability and effectiveness effectively and efficiently.
  • The AIMS Group is also ready and able to assist you solve your machine and process problems. Including root cause and failure analysis.

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