Gearbox Load Testing

Load Testing, VA Monitoring and Bearing Temperature Recording

At DCL Engineering Group, it is proven that a partial load test will reveal the vast majority of potential problems your refurbished gearbox might suffer BEFORE it gets to you and your site. Each of our load test rigs are computer monitored in that all recordings are taken and logged by the computer and hence not susceptible to human error. The detailed reports resulting from these tests provide the confidence that unpleasant surprises are unlikely to happen as a result of our work. The human element remains, to verify and report that there are no oil leaks or other indicators that all is not well.

DCL is able to provide load testing services in both Port Kembla and Fairfield branches.

A partial load test of the overhauled gearbox using DCL in-house testing facility is conducted until bearing temperatures stabilise.

The following data can be recorded:

  • Temperatures
  • Vibrations
  • Noise
  • Oil Viscosity

The data is analysed and passed on to the engineering department for inclusion in the gearbox inspection report. After a successful test the gearbox is drained of oil, sealed and painted as required, labeled, packed and ready for shipment.

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