Dynamic Balancing


SCHENCK HM40, belt and joint drive, using the latest cab920 controller – smart touch technology for higher accuracy


  • Corrects dynamic unbalance
  • Unbalance correction, 2 planes
  • High balancing accuracy,
  • 8 gmm achievable residual unbalance
  • Improves machine service life
  • Improves operating safety
  • Improves machinery precision


Dynamic Balancing Machines, Series HM:

  • Designed for accurate balancing of a wide spectrum of rotors
  • Suitable for balancing rotors up to 1.6 m (od) * 3m (l)
    & 3 tonne also fans up to 2.5 m (od) * 6 m (l) & 3 tonne
    (including; spindles, impellors, high-speed rollers, turbines, fluid couplings, sheaves & high-speed gearing)
  • Reduces uneven centrifugal force, vibration and noise during operation
  • Increases operating efficiency, accuracy and production quality
Dynamic Balancing
Dynamic Balancing

SCHENCK Smart balancer (Onsite)

Dynamic Balancing
Dynamic Balancing

SmartBalancer – A tool with many talents
The SmartBalancer is outstanding for its comprehensive measurement and analysis functions, which offer you valuable services for field balancing. It is also ideally suitable for the commissioning, service and maintenance of machines and systems. From the measurement, assessment and diagnosis of the machine condition, to the assessment of the roller bearings or the bump test, to documentation and archiving of all the results: The SmartBalancer is a genuine smart instrument – for many applications over and above field balancing.


  • Light weight, compact, with waterproof (IP65) housing
  • Easy operation with prompting and intuitive operator guide.
    Even inexperienced users can work efficiently with the Smart Balancer after a short time.
  • Lithium-ion battery allows an operation of at least 8 hours.
  • Storage of measuring data on Compact Flash Card, for download to PC.
  • Quality compliant balancing in one or two correction planes with tolerance calculation according to DIN ISO 1940
  • Single and dual channel vibration measurement according to DIN ISO 10816-3.
  • Dual channel FFT frequency analysis for analysis of vibration cause.
  • Suitable for one and two plane balancing as standard with two accelerometers.
  • Laser pickup has long measuring range ( up to 1 Metre) for safest possible operation

Measurement and assessment:
Identify weak points before problems occur

Unbalances, alignment faults and incipient damage often manifest themselves in machines in form of mechanical vibrations. In order to assess the vibration level quickly and accurately, the limit values of DIN ISO 10816-3 are stored in the SmartBalancer. You simply select the machine type and then have the assessment set up on hand immediately.

Diagnosis of the machine condition:
On the track of the causes

For the identification of the causes of vibration, the SmartBalancer offers high-performance, two-channel FFT frequency analysis. This breaks down the vibration mixture occurring in the machine into their harmonic components and displays them clearly in the form of a spectrum. By means of these frequencies, the causes of the vibration can be determined, and unbalanced rotors clearly identified.

Documentation and archiving:
Sustainable quality assurance for your business

All results can be stored in the SmartBalancer, together with the description of the machine, showing the date and time, and printed out on the spot with a compatible printer. Screenshots of all views and measurement reports of selected measurement tasks can be transferred simply to your PC using our PC software utility. With our extended utility software, the measurement results can now be transferred directly onto your PC as CSV files and MS-Excel reports. In this way, you can process all results individually, and if required send them by e-mail.

The following measurement results are supported:

  • 1- and 2-plane balancing results with vector graphic
  • Vibration figures
  • FFT analysis
  • Order tracking analysis (run-up/coast-down)
  • Amplitude / phase
  • Time wave form
  • Temperature
  • Bearing diagnosis / envelope analysis

Compatible with: Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professional with MS-Office 2003-2010


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