Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing Capabilities

Dynamic Balancing

SCHENCK HM40, belt and joint drive,
using the latest cab920controller – smart touch (DCL Sydney)

  • Suitable for balancing rotors up to 1.6 m (od) * 3m (l) & 3 tonne also fans up to 2.5 m (od) * 6 m (l) & 3 tonne 
    (including; spindles, impellors, high speed rollers, turbines, fluid couplings, sheaves & high speed gearing)

    SCHENK Smart balancer  (Onsite)

    Field Balancing

    • Dialogue-assisted operator guidance, vector display of the oscillation quantities and direct printer output of balancing reports as well as archiving via PC
    • Balancing speed: 100 to 60,000 rpm
    • Number of correction planes: 1 or 2

    Special features:
    – Summary of correction weights
    – Unbalance correction at fixed locations
    – Calculation of the angle position for 2 fixed weights
    – Measuring tape for exact determination of the position
    – Balancing quality to DIN ISO 1940

    Measuring Channels

    • 2 analog channels
    • 1 digital channel for optical laser reference sensor

    Operating Modes

    • Balancing in 1 or 2 planes
    • Vibration acceleration, velocity, displacement, current, speed, voltage (AC/DC), temperature
    • Signals: Spectrum (amplitude, envelope), time wave form, amplitude/phase, order tracking analysis, bump test
    Dynamic Balancing

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