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Chocolate Tank


From 100L to 5,000L and higher in the standard range of vertical tanks. Larger capacity vertical and horizontal tanks can be built to suit your specific need. These fully Australian made storage tanks are used to store finished liquid masses like chocolate, at a required temperature and are continuously moved by means of the stirrer in one direction. A heavy duty stirrer guarantees a continuous agitation of the mass. Water temperature in the jacket is controlled by means of a thermostat control which is governed by the setting on the L.E.D. display panel.


Latest Design Feature

Protection of the motor, where the motor will stop until the product in the tank has reached melting point, which is governed by the flexibility of setting the multi levels of temperatures in the L.E.D. display panel.

Energy Efficient Running Costs

Due to the latest technology in L.E.D. thermostatic controllers. These new controllers can be self-controlled to suit the surrounding factory temperatures and production temperature. The tanks are also enhanced by the temperature probe position inside the tank measuring the product temperature "not the water temperature".

Improved Product Circulation

The unique design in the tanks stirring arm and position of the blades maximises mixing efficiency of the product quicker than conventional design stirring arms. This enhancement also assists in energy saving cost of the tank motor drive.

Thicker Tank Walls

Giving a much longer life and assisting with holding temperatures longer delivering energy savings.

SEW Drive Improved

Double seals in the vertical mounted motor drive with also an oil flinger drip tray as a backup precaution to the special double seal design.

Quick Action 90 Degree Ball Valve

For pouring the liquid into a mould or standard 20 litre bucket conveniently to avoid any costly waste.

Stronger Design

Giving a longer life and more stability when fully laden with liquid product.

Precision Australian Engineering

Guarantees that the machine is always 100% reliable.

Technical Specifications


Standard - 415V helical geared motor approx 15 RPM, with overload protection or an option 240V only on the 100L tank (additional cost).

Control Panel

Automatic temperature regulation. L.E.D. temperature display and thermostatic controller. Motor on and off switch.


All tanks are finished with high gloss two part epoxy paint on the outside.


All tanks are supplied with 4 meters of three phase heavy duty wiring. Ready for a qualified electrician to install (Plugs not supplied).


To Quality Assurance ISO 9001.

Optional Equipment

Increased heating to permit the melting of block chocolate.

The above information subject to change due to updating new technology at anytime without notice.

500L Tank
500L Tank


Model A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Heating
Element (KW)
Motor Power
Rating (KW)
100 1150 1400 500 1.5 0.12
300 1345 1800 700 2 0.12
500 1350 1800 1110 3 0.25
1000 1760 2340 1260 3 * 2 0.75
2000 1900 2500 1600 3 * 2 0.75
10000 2700 3300 2200 6 * 2 7.5

Chocolate Tank Dimensions