Gearbox Load Testing

At DCL Engineering, we believe that a load test will reveal the vast majority of potential problems your refurbished gearbox might suffer before it gets to you and your site. Each of our 2 load test bays are computer monitored in that all VA and temperature recordings are taken and logged by the computer and hence not susceptible to human error. The detailed reports resulting from these tests provide the confidence that unpleasant gearbox failure surprises are unlikely to happen as a result of our work. The human element remains, to verify and report that there are no oil leaks or other indicators that all is not well.

A load test of the overhauled gearbox using DCL in-house testing facility is conducted until bearing temperatures stabalise.

Gearboxes are load tested in one of two purpose built test bays, here DCL use a 32 Channel FFT Spectrum Analyser On-Line data collector to determine gearbox integrity post overhaul. All gear mesh frequencies are monitored and alarmed, whilst bearing vibration is correlated with temperature data taken every 4 minutes. ISO/Australian standard overall vibration alarms are integrated into each test.

The following data can be recorded

  • Temperatures
  • Vibrations
  • Power In and Power Out
  • RPM In and RPM Out - Ratio Check
  • Noise
  • Oil Viscosity

The data is analysed and passed on the engineering department for inclusion in the gearbox inspection report. After a successful test the gearbox is drained of oil, sealed and painted as required, labeled, packed and ready for shipment.

On site gearbox vibration management

DCL are able to correlate test bay data with your own plant CM data and take custom FFT vibration data to your specification during load testing. All test bay data can be used on site as DCL monitor your gearboxes in the plant on a monthly basis. Whilst DCL test bay is fitted with the latest generation Commtest vibration hardware and software, DCL are also able to carry out your site vibration analysis requirements using a Commtest 2 channel portable data collector or Rockwell Automation (Entek IRD) 2 channel. For true integration and thorough analysis DCL can accept and interpret your own site vibration analysis data in Commtest, CSI and Rockwell formats.

DCL has all your test bay and on site CM services ensuring DCL improve the reliability of your equipment over the entire lifecycle.

Load test bays

  • Load Test Bay 1: 25 ton gearbox
  • Load Test Bay 2: 4 ton gearbox

Hansen HG23F2 Gearbox
Hansen HG23F2 Gearbox

Hansen HG23F2 Gearbox
Hansen HG23F2 Gearbox

Flender KZA 400F Gearbox
Flender KZA 400 Gearbox

Elecon Gearbox
Elecon Gearbox

David Brown Helical HI355 Gearbox
David Brown Helical HI355 Gearbox

Gearbox Load Test Bay 1
Load Test Bay 1

Gearbox Load Test Bay 2
Load Test Bay 2