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Chocolate Enrobing Machine


  • Fully removable aluminium shoulders
  • Stainless shafts
  • Complete with stainless steel tank
  • Device to coat only the base of the product
  • Device to vibrate the mesh screen

Coating chambers

  • Enclosed by polycarbonate panels
  • Sliding panels at the front of the machine
  • Tilting panes opening at the entrance and exit

Stainless steel air blower

  • Fully articulated and adjustable height
  • High quantity of air flow and volume electrically regulated (optional feature: inverter)
  • Opening of the air injection outflow can be adjusted

Stainless steel pouring chute

Pouring chute is heated by a thermostatically controlled film of hot water.

Double walled chocolate collection tank

Collection tank is constructed in stainless steel both inside and out, with thermostatically heated water in the interspace.

1. Jacketed pipeline through which the chocolate flows into the tank, with thermostatically heated water in the interspace, and with flange intake coupling fitted to the upper surface of the coating unit.

2. A vacuum level sensor for automatic delivery of chocolate from a tank or from a tempering unit.

3. A stainless steel horizontal stirring unit with central shaft fitted with stirring arms / scrapers.

4. A drainage orifice with a "maximum level" function, connected to the pump and jacketed pipes for water heating.

5. Jacketed recycling pipe for which we do not supply the water (45 degree centigrade) for heating either this pipeline or the recycling pump, but it can be taken off the general pipeline heating circuit.

6. An unheated manual release valve for cleaning out the tank periodically.

7. Jacketed pump and pipe, heated by thermostatically controlled interspace water, for conveying the chocolate either to the coating hopper in the pouring chamber, or into the tray for immersion of the base of the product.

Jacketed aluminium valve

Water heated, it is designed to convey the chocolate either to the base immersion tray or into the pouring hopper. This valve is double bodied and is also used to empty the collection tank completely at the end of a working cycle.


Heating for the tank, the pump the valves and the pipes is by a heating exchanger fitted with electrical elements. Controlled by an electronic digital thermostat, including a solenoid valve for the automatic supply of water from the water main.


Structure is made of stove enamelled steel sections and stainless steel panels to standard RAL 7035.

Electrical control panel

Contains all the apparatus needed to control the various functions of the machine.

Machine complete with loading table

Stainless steel mesh table.

Night heating device and mechanical speed variator

Minimum and maximum screen vibration speed to be defined.