DCL Engineering

About Us

DCL Engineering is a 100% indigenous owned company that has been servicing industry in mechanical breakdown repairs and engineering for over 56 years. Currently based in a modern 8,400 square metre facility located in Western Sydney - Fairfield East and also Port Kembla gearbox workshop employing over 50 people.

Servicing customers from a diverse range of industries such as mining, steel, timber, power, construction, transportation, food and lift. The combination of experienced staff, extensive range of machinery and equipment gives DCL the competitive edge as a complete one stop overhaul and repair shop.

Providing clients with start to finish in-house complete solutions, there is no need to visit multiple workshops to have the job completed. This means the job will be completed more efficiently and allows the client to have better cost control.

Core Values

  • Honest and integrity
  • Innovation and responsiveness to customers needs
  • Total quality for total customer satisfaction
  • The courage to lead change
  • Excellence over mediocrity
  • A drive to continually improve our cost platform and QA improvements
  • An unwavering focus on health and safety to our OHS policies
  • Environmental and social responsibility

Overview of divisions

Engineering (Machining / Fabrication)

The DCL engineering division has been the core division of DCL. To further enhance the capabilities to meet customer needs in heavy machining, DCL have invested in large CNC machinery to further increase accuracy and efficiency.

Gearbox Refurbishment Facility

Over the past three decades the gearbox refurbishment facility has grown to be recognised as the number one complete gearbox overhaul and repair shop on the east coast with three sites Sydney, Newcastle and Port Kembla.

Lift Repair / Replacement Sheaves

The number one supplier of replacement sheaves to the Australian lift industry, DCL will also look after your sheave requirements in either traction or diverter sheaves.

Confectionery Food Machinery

DCL have designed and manufactured a range of machinery for the confectionery and food industry, examples of these include Chocolate Tanks and Z Arm Mixer for nearly 50 years.

CHT 64160 CNC Lathe
CHT 64160 CNC Lathe

HBM-4 CNC Horizontal Borer
HBM-4 CNC Horizontal Borer

FBE-3000 Eumach Milling
FBE-3000 Eumach Milling

1700mm dia x 8000mm length
Turning - 1700mm dia x 8000mm

Gearbox Overhaul and Repairs
Gearbox Overhaul and Repairs

Lift Repair
Lift Repair